Absurd Skateboards is one of the oldest Russian skate brands.

It was started by photographer Lev Maslov and skater Gosha Konyshev. Don’t take skateboarding too serious, it’s just an Absurd. The art direction of the brand is influenced by art of Pasha Kuznetsov who has been riding for the brand since day one.

With the weird state of Pasha’s mind, Absurd graphics look like nothing else in the game. The ironical approach towards skateboarding and life itself is reflected in Absurd videos and products. Absurd is inspired by Russian culture, truth, originality and having open mind to exchange with the rest of the skate universe. Absurd team is a “boy band” crew, looking forward to skate spots all over the world, living absurd life.

Site: http://www.absurdskateboards.ru
Facebook: facebook.com/absurdskateboards
Instagram: @absurdskateboards